Terms and conditions

We invite you to read our general conditions carefully.

These general conditions apply within the framework of any agreement concluded between Data3 (Referred to below: "Data3", "Data3.fr", or "we") and the user (Referred to as " below "the user" or "you") of the CVbuilder service (hereinafter referred to as "the service").
The use of our CV creator, CVbuilder implies compliance with certain conditions. The purpose of this chapter is to describe them to you. Your use of the service automatically confirms your acceptance of them.

Article 1. Use of the service

1.1. For payment, you are authorized to use the service in the context of creating, processing, exporting and uploading CVs and cover letters. You are held responsible for the use of the tools and functionalities offered by the service.
1.2. Writing the first version of your CV automatically creates an account. An email informs you of the access data so that you can identify yourself and allow you to use the functionalities of the service
1.3. Your space allows you to save the different versions of your CV, your cover letters and your personal data. Your connection to the service allows you to consult them at any time.
1.4. Access to your account must be secured by you, using an e-mail address and a password. We strongly advise you not to divulge your password to third parties. Data3 reserves the right to be able to consider that all the operations carried out within your account, following the request for access by means of your e-mail address and your password, are subject to your management and your supervision . You are held responsible for all operations carried out within your account, except in the event of explicit communication to Data3 of the possession of your password by a third party.

Article 2. Rules of use

2.1. Each account is personal and can only be managed by the holder of the e-mail address associated with the account concerned. We expressly prohibit allowing access to your account by third parties.
2.2. We reserve the right to prohibit proceeding with the use of the service for the purposes of actions which would be in contradiction with the regulations and the application of the law in force. This clause refers, among other things, to the recording or dissemination of information qualified as defamatory, which contains slanderous or racist writings or the sending of unwanted messages through the CVbuilder service.
2.3. In the event of receipt of a complaint, or in the event of Data3 finding that you have breached one or more of the rules set out above, we reserve the right to terminate the user account or to block the user entirely. access to the service, without any refund of the amount paid.
2.4. In all cases where Data3 finds the possibility of a problem, damage or imminent danger for the proper functioning of the computer systems or the network of Data3 or third parties, and / or for the provision of service by via the internet, in particular by sending unwanted emails or other data, disclosing personal data or spreading computer viruses, Trojans and similar software, Data3 reserves the right to take all the measures it deems necessary and equitable in order to avoid or prevent the danger in question.
2.5. Data3 reserves the right to file a complaint, at any time, in the event of the discovery of criminal acts. Likewise, Data3 reserves the right to disclose the name, address, IP address and other identifying data of any user to third parties who complain and observe the infringement of use. of their rights or of these general conditions, in all cases where the plausibility of the complaint is deemed acceptable, that there are no other methods of access to this data and that third parties can justify their interest in obtaining data.
2.6 Data3 reserves the right to pass on the damage suffered as a result of the violation of the rules of conduct set out above to the user of the infringing service. The user of the service preserves Data3 from all complaints from third parties, as part of the introduction of their transmitted information.

Article 3. Maintenance and availability

3.1. Data3 takes all the necessary measures to guarantee the availability of the service, but cannot however guarantee 100% availability
3.2. Data3 actively maintains the services offered. Interviews can occur at any time, advertised or unannounced, even if they could cause limited availability.
3.3. Data3 reserves the right to modify the service at any time, appreciates the feedback from the user but reserves the right to personally determine the information likely to be disclosed on the website.

Article 4. Intellectual property

4.1. The service, the websites, the related software and all the information, illustrations of the website (s), templates / layout of CVs and cover letters are an integral part of Data3's intellectual property. . The elements set out above may in no case be copied or used without the express written authorization of Data3, except in all cases authorized by law.
4.2. Likewise, the layout of the final document that the user can download through the service is an integral part of the intellectual property of Data3, by virtue of the preceding paragraph. The user of the service receives a limited right of use of this layout. No express authorization will be issued within the framework of a different use of the service, with the exception of the use combined with the documents drawn up and proposed by the CVbuilder service. This right will persist even after the termination of this Agreement, including the conditions attached to it.
4.3. The information published or recorded by the user through the CV creator, CVbuilder, namely the text or his photo ID, is an integral part and remains the property of the user. Data3 reserves a limited right of use in the context of the processing of this information for the provision of the service.
4.4. The user of the service may revoke this right of use set out in the previous paragraph, either by exercising their right to delete the data concerned, or by terminating the agreement concluded.
4.5. When a user sends information to the attention of Data3, for example feedback regarding an error or a suggestion relating to its correction, he / she automatically confers on it a right of unlimited and eternal use of this information in the context of Data3's services, with the exception of information explicitly qualified as confidential and transmitted in this state to Data3. Data3 is not obliged to pay compensation in the event that it decides to incorporate the user's suggestion or feedback on its website.
4.6. The CV creator, CVbuilder, will not take cognizance of the confidential data that the user would save or disseminate through the service, except in the event of absolute necessity in the context of the proper performance of the service. , or if Data3 was required to do so under any legal provision or judicial obligation. Data3 will take all the necessary measures to limit the transmission of data as much as possible, within the limits of its competence
4.7. The user of the service has a right of use of the service and of the documents generated through this service, for example a CV or a motivation letter, and this, throughout the period of his affiliation . At the end of the period of their affiliation, the user will no longer be authorized to use the letters of solicitation and / or the layout of the CVs generated by them. These documents can only be used by the user of the service after the financial acquisition of Data3 rights based on these documents

Article 5. Financial compensation for the service

5.1. The use of the service automatically implies the payment of a financial fee to Data3. The current price is indicated on the site depending on the product.
Depending on where you make your transaction, the payment method used and the place of issue, foreign currency conversion fees may apply and price differences may be noted due to exchange rates. Your transaction may be subject to foreign currency conversion fees assessed by your bank or your card issuer
Data3 is not responsible for foreign currency conversion fees or additional taxes, and will not pay any compensation or reimbursement for charges imposed by your bank or the The costs relating to the use of the service must imperatively be paid in advance, upon the submission of the request to use the service.
5.2 The initial use of the CV creator, CVbuilder, automatically implies the obligation to take out a subscription. The subscription of the user automatically implies the obligation to pay a monthly cost. The amount owed by the user will be the subject of a monthly prepayment from the end of the first month of subscription.
5.3. Data3 reserves the right to modify the costs notified in article 5, paragraph 1, at any time. Data3 guarantees to communicate any price change to the user of the service within one (1) month prior to the entry into force of the price change. In the event of disagreement by the user with regard to price changes, he / she has the right to terminate the agreement concluded until the date on which the updated prices take effect. .
5.4. Given the immediate execution of the service by Data3, expressly requested by the user, no right to claim payment or any possibility of recourse to articles fromthe law relating to Distance Selling will not be allowed to the user of the service.

Article 6. Payment terms

6.1. The user of the service can make the payment by credit card by respecting the instructions described on the website.
6.2. In the event of non-payment by the due date, Data3 sends a payment reminder to invite the user of the service to pay the amount due within 14 days. If the user of the service does not respect his obligation to pay within the period stipulated by the reminder, he / she is considered to be automatically in default, without any obligation for CVbuiler.fr to send a additional formal notice. Therefore, Data3 reserves the right to claim recall costs and limit its services. For example, by limiting access to CVbuilder
6.3. In the event that Data3 cannot withdraw the amount due and / or in the event that the user of the service does not pay by the due date, the user of the service will not only liable for the amount due plus interest thereon, but also for full compensation for the extrajudicial collection costs.

Article 7. Liability

7.1. Unless otherwise provided by law, the liability provisions set out below prevail in the event of use of the service.
7.2. Except in the case of willful misconduct or gross negligence, Data3's liability is limited to the reimbursement of the amount paid by the user of the service for the two (2) months preceding the time of the event which would have caused d 'possible damage.
7.3. Data3 can in no way be held liable for indirect damage, consequential damage, loss of profits, lost jobs, savings not realized and damage due to the stagnation of the business of the company.
7.4. In the event of force majeure, Data3 will never be held liable for reimbursement of damage suffered by the user of the service due to the events set out above. Are considered, among other things, as a case of force majeure, in addition to those usually retained by case law: the malfunction and breakdown of the internet network or telecommunications infrastructure, the malfunction or interruptions of the electrical network, internal rebellions , mobilization, war, blocking of means of transport, strike, lockout, disturbances in the activity of the company, stagnation of supply, fires, floods and all other independent events of the express will of the parties preventing the normal use of the service

Article 8. Duration and termination of the subscription

8.1. This agreement and the subscription of the user of the service take effect from the first use of the service by the user, as mentioned in Article 1 of these general conditions.
8.2. The user of the service can, at any time, terminate the subscription through their account or by contacting customer service. In order to avoid unwanted renewal of the subscription, the user of the service must imperatively terminate the subscription in their account, at the latest on the day preceding the new subscription period.
8.3. In the event of termination of the subscription, no advance payment received by Data3 will be reimbursed to the user of the service.
8.4. The data saved by the user of the service will be deleted after eighteen months from the last date of use of the service. Data3 undertakes to inform the user of the service by email before the data is deleted, but there is no duty to do so. The user of the service will however have the possibility of using the data until the moment of their deletion, by opting for a new conclusion of an agreement.

Article 9. Changes in prices and conditions

9.1 Data3 reserves the right to modify these conditions and prices, with effect from the start of each new payment period, unless otherwise provided by law.
9.2. Data3 undertakes to announce the modifications or supplements on the website, within a minimum period of thirty days preceding the date of entry into force, so that the user of the service can become aware of it within a period acceptable.
9.3. In the event that the user of the service does not accept the modification or addition, the latter will be able to terminate this agreement until the date of entry into force of the modification or addition . The use of the service after the date of entry into force of the modifications or additions signifies the formal acceptance of the modified or additional conditions by the user of the service.

Article 10. Miscellaneous provisions

10.1. This agreement is governed by French law and must be interpreted in accordance with it.
10.2. Within the limits not otherwise prescribed by the rules of compulsory law, any dispute that may arise within the framework of this agreement with Data3 will be submitted to the competent French jurisdiction in the district in which Data3 has its Headquarters. .
10.3. In the event that a provision of these terms of use requires that a communication must be made in writing, the provision will be deemed to be respected if the communication has been transmitted by email or through Data3, provided that it appears clearly that the message is from the sender himself and that the integrity of the message has not been changed.
10.4. Data3 may assign its rights and obligations, provided for in this agreement, as well as the personal data recorded and processed during the provision of its services, to a third party acquiring Data3 or its business operations.

Article 11. Contact

The user of the service has the possibility of contacting Data3 through the contact form, for any question, suggestion or remark about these conditions.