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Subscription Policy

Subscription conditions

1. The use of the service automatically implies the payment of a fee to Data3. The current fee is indicated on the website according to the product.
Depending on where you make your transaction, the method of payment used and the place of issue, foreign currency conversion charges may apply and price differences may arise due to exchange rates. Your transaction may be subject to foreign currency conversion charges assessed by your bank or card issuer. Data3 is not responsible for any foreign currency conversion fees or additional taxes, and will not compensate or reimburse you for any charges imposed by your bank or card issuer.
The costs of using the Service must be paid in advance when you apply to use the Service.
2. The initial use of the CV builder, CVbuilder, automatically implies the obligation to take out a subscription. The subscription of the user automatically implies the obligation to pay a monthly fee. The amount due by the user shall be paid in advance on a monthly basis as of the end of the first month of subscription.
3. Data3 reserves the right to change the costs notified in Article 5 paragraph 1 at any time. Data3 guarantees to inform the user of the service of any price changes within one (1) month before the price change becomes effective. If the user does not agree with the price change, he/she has the right to terminate the agreement until the updated prices come into effect.
4. In view of the immediate performance of the service by Data3, which is expressly requested by the user, the user is not entitled to any right of complaint about payment or any recourse to the provisions of the Distance Selling Act.

Terms of payment

1. The user of the service can make the payment by credit card following the instructions described on the website.
2. In the event of non-payment on the due date, Data3 will send a payment reminder to invite the service user to pay the amount due within 14 days. If the service user fails to pay within the period stipulated in the reminder, he/she shall be deemed to be in default by operation of law, without any obligation on the part of CVbuiler.co.uk to send a further reminder. In this case, Data3 reserves the right to charge reminder costs and to limit its services. For example, by restricting access to CVbuilder.
3. If Data3 is unable to collect the amount due and/or if the service user fails to pay on the due date, the service user will not only owe the amount due plus interest, but also full compensation for out-of-court collection costs.

Duration and termination of the subscription

1. This agreement and the subscription of the user of the service come into force as of the first use of the service by the user, as mentioned in Article 1 of these general terms and conditions.
2. The user of the service can terminate the subscription at any time via his/her account or by contacting customer service. In order to avoid unwanted renewal of the subscription, the user of the service must terminate the subscription in his/her account at the latest the day before the new subscription period.
3. In the event of termination of the subscription, any advance payment received by Data3 will not be refunded to the user of the service.
4. The data saved by the user of the service will be deleted after a period of eighteen months from the last date of use of the service. Data3 undertakes to inform the service user bye-mail before deleting the data, but is under no obligation to do so. However, the user of the service will have the possibility to use the data until the moment of deletion by entering into anew agreement.